Newcastle University is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Here are some ways Conferencing and Catering can contribute to this...


Ways in which you can incorporate sustainable options into your Conference planning...
  • Encourage delegates to travel by the most sustainable means by providing information on public transport.
  • Ask attendees to bring their own bags, re-usable cups, water bottles, name badges and lanyards.
  • Go paper-free - use an app for scheduling and info sharing or send an electronic agenda in advance.
  • Set-up online participation systems so delegates can access seminars remotley.


The University's catering service are aware of the impact they have on the environment and are continuously introducing solutions to minimise this, recognising responsibility to carry out catering activities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner...
  • We are removing or reducing un-necessary or problematic plastics and disposables.
  • We assess supplier's sustainability as part of our supplier selection process.
  • We incorporate local and seasonal produce in our menus.
  • Any distributors for items with a wider supply-chain often supply us from local depots, which can provide social sustainability benefits.
  • We prepare food daily on-site.
  • We incorporate local and seasonal produce in our menus.