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Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement

We want to make sure our procurement activity is sustainable. Our suppliers should create a sustainability action plan for their business while working with us.

Procurement Services promotes sustainable procurement practice to support the University. This also contributes to the University's strategic objectives.

Sustainable Procurement Policy

The University policy commits us to realise positive sustainability impacts and manage negative sustainability impacts. 

Environmental priorities

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Energy and water/management efficiency
  • Sustainable management of waste
  • Preserving biodiversity 

Social priorities

  • Modern slavery
  • Supporting local communities
  • Supporting national and international communities
  • Improving sustainable travel practices

Financial priorities

  • Value for money

Developing a sustainability action plan

We request that suppliers complete the NETpositive Supplier Engagement Tool.  

The tool helps suppliers to create a simple, free sustainability action plan for their business. We use this tool with awarded suppliers to support our sustainable procurement activity. It also informs ongoing contract management discussions.

Complete the NETpositive Supplier Engagement Tool now.

Sustainable procurement policy documents