If Things Go Wrong

If Things Go Wrong

What to do if you experience problems before or on the day of your exam.

Forgotten Student ID

You cannot take your exam without a valid form of photo ID. If you do not have your student ID (smartcard) you can show your driving licence or your passport instead.
If you do not have any photo ID, you should report to one of the following ID Checking Points before your exam:
  • Student Services Helpdesk, Level 2, King's Gate Building (Level 1 for Saturday exams)
  • Castle Leazes Reception

Late Arrival

You will not be allowed to enter the exam venue more than 15 minutes after the start of an exam. If you miss your exam you should tell your School Office.

Extreme Weather Conditions

If weather conditions make it impossible for you to attend an exam, then you will need to complete the Personal Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) Form and produce a copy of a weather report and/or travel warnings covering the route and time frame. In these circumstances, contact your School Office for further advice.

Injuries, Illness and Other Unforeseen Circumstances

Visit Alternative Arrangements if your ability to take an exam is affected by:

  • temporary injury
  • short term medical condition
  • unforeseen and unavoidable personal circumstances

If you become unwell during your exam and this results in you needing to leave without completing the paper, you are advised to notify your personal tutor or other appropriate staff of this within the same day wherever possible.

Know the Rules

To prevent assessment irregularities, familiarise yourself with the university Exam Rules & Guidance.

If you don't follow the exam rules you may lose marks, receive a fine or even face suspension.

Some examples of exam misconduct, as well as possible penalties, are detailed below.

View the Assessment Irregularities Procedure.