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Exams & Revision

Learn which revision techniques are most effective and strategies for performing well in exams.

Exams are a common form of assessment at University, especially at Undergraduate level. Some people find them challenging, others prefer them to coursework, but this section has advice and guidance to help you ensure that you’re doing your best.


Preparing effectively for exams requires good organisation skills, a grasp of the module’s assessment aims and a sound understanding of how learning works, so you don’t waste time with inefficient strategies. We all learn differently, so explore and experiment with some of the strategies here.

In-person exams

When you have to take in-person exams there are lots of useful tips and advice on managing your time effectively.

Preparing for and taking digital exams

You may find that your assessment takes the format of a “take home” exam where you have 24, 48, or even 72 hours to complete a paper. Explore our advice about preparing for different types of online assessments.

Recommended books and e-books

For further reading related to exams and revision, browse our specially curated list of resources.