Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit

Our Trials

Our Trials

Find out about the trials managed by Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit.

Clinical Trials of an Investigational Medicinal Product

A key part of our research portfolio are Clinical Trials of Investigational Medicinal Products (CTIMPS) also known as interventional drug trials.  We have expertise in Phase I to Phase III trials and experience of managing clinical trials involving Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs).

We manage placebo-controlled trials, head-to-head trials of two or more drugs, and drug versus no intervention trials, all in full compliance with the clinical trials regulations.

These trials are funded by industry, NIHR, research councils and medical charities.

Surgical Trials

Our surgical trials portfolio includes head-to-head comparisons of different surgical techniques, as well as comparisons of surgical versus medical treatments.

These trials are funded by NIHR and medical charities.

Complex interventions

Complex interventions  contain several interacting components, such as educational or rehabilitation programmes.

The trials within our complex intervention portfolio include those of ‘packages of care’ and those aimed at changing the behaviour of health professionals, patients and members of the public.

These trials are predominantly funded by the MRC and NIHR.