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NCTU is able to support a number of fellowship applicants, through collaboration, where their proposal aligns with ongoing research in the Unit and where there is capacity in the Unit to do so.

We will update this page with specific application processes as new calls arise.

If you would like to speak to one of the team about a Fellowship application you are planning, please contact:

Fellowship testimonial - Kate Hallsworth

“I have been working with the Team at Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU) as part of a NIHR Development and Skills Enhancement Award to gain a hands-on experience of trials at all stages from design, through set-up to conduct and reporting/dissemination.

"Although most of this has been virtual, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, I can honestly say I have learned loads! I had never appreciated the amount of work that went into setting up CTIMPs and the level of governance involved throughout the trial process. The opportunity to attend TMGs, TSCs, DMCs (and learn the common abbreviations!!!) has been invaluable and observing how different CIs operate has been really interesting. It has also been very useful to meet different members of the NCTU Team to understand their varying roles and the different skills/experience that they bring to clinical trials.

"I plan to use this experience to improve my research practices moving forwards and want to thank the Team at NCTU for making me feel so welcome (despite only meeting in the virtual world!).”