Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit



CaPP3- A randomised double blind dose non-inferiority trial of a daily dose of 600mg versus 300mg versus 100mg of enteric coated aspirin as a cancer preventive in carriers of a germline pathological mismatch repair gene defect, Lynch Syndrome.  Project 3 in the Cancer Prevention Programme

  • Study stage: Follow-up
  • Sponsor: Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Funder:  Cancer Research UK, Bayer Pharma AG
  • Therapeutic area: Cancer and Neoplasm
  • Type of study: CTIMP

Aim: To find the best dose of aspirin that people with Lynch syndrome should take to prevent cancer. The CAPP2 trial showed that 600mg aspirin per day for 2 years reduced the incidence of colorectal cancer by over 50%.

Primary outcome:

The number of new primary mismatch repair deficient cancers (“Lynch syndrome cancers”) at 5 years and beyond which develop in participants who remain on prescribed treatment for a minimum of 2 years.

  • Population: Adult
  • Phase: III
  • Design: RCT
  • Setting: Secondary care
  • Planned Sample Size: 1567