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Centre for Ageing and Inequalities

Centre for Ageing and Inequalities

Research that benefits older adults

Increasing longevity is a major achievement of human history. But not everyone can look forward to a wealthy, healthy or long life.

Where people live and the social groups they belong to greatly influences experiences of later life. Too often, research and policy on ageing fails to consider the inequality that affects ageing adults.

The Centre for Ageing and Inequalities brings together experts from a wide range of disciplines. We deliver world-class research and education that will have an impact now and in the future.

Exposing inequalities and improving health and wellbeing

Through our research and education, we want to play our part in improving the health and wellbeing of older people. We seek to expose and reduce the inequalities that characterise ageing societies.

Our Centre reinforces existing interdisciplinary work and creates opportunities for new connections.

Newcastle University uses its strengths, values and networks to create an international hub that aims to understand, predict and mitigate unequal ageing

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