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A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

Our centre builds on our long and distinguished record in both social justice and ageing society research.

Reducing inequalities in ageing societies

Not all older people can look forward to a wealthy, healthy or long life. It is an under-discussed and under-researched challenge. Too often, research and policy on ageing ignores the unequal lives that older adults have.

We want to improve the health and wellbeing of older people through world-class research and education. We seek to expose and reduce the inequalities that characterise ageing societies.

Our Centre reinforces existing interdisciplinary work and creates opportunities for new connections. Newcastle University uses its strengths, values and networks to create an international hub that aims to understand, predict and mitigate unequal ageing.

How we work

At the Centre we aim to understand the ways inequalities in later life are shaped by many factors. For example:

  • biological
  • social
  • behavioural
  • environmental

These interconnected factors occur at scales from the micro to macro level.

Interdisciplinary approach

Our interdisciplinary approach considers topics that are hallmarks of ageing societies. They include:

  • health
  • life expectancy
  • incomes
  • pensions
  • employment
  • housing
  • citizenship
  • cultural participation

We will integrate historical and cultural knowledge of inequalities in the older population to present a dynamic perspective on unequal ageing.

From Newcastle. For ageing

Collaborations and partnerships are key to understanding unequal ageing around the world. We work with:

  • UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing - using Ageing Intelligence to harness the opportunities of the longevity economy
  • VOICE - a community of the public, patients and carers, sharing their unique experiences to improve research and innovation
  • ARC NENC - a cross-sector partnership aimed at delivering ‘better, fairer health and care at all ages and in all places’
  • NIHR Older People and Frailty Policy Research Unit - a collaboration between universities that aims to answer policymakers’ questions about the lives of older people
  • Advanced Care Research Centre - a multi-disciplinary research programme aimed at supporting the independence, dignity and quality of life of older people
  • International Longevity Centre UK - a specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society. As part of ILC-UK's partners programme, we are helping to shape and influence policy and practice across business, government and the third sector

Together, we want to intervene, reduce and remove inequalities wherever they occur.

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