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Our Research

Find out about some of our current research projects.

Inequality and its impact

Our research aims to deepen our understanding of ageing and society and the way inequality can impact later life. We look at the interconnections between biological, social, behavioural and environmental factors. These factors are examined at scales from the micro to macro level.

Our interdisciplinary approach considers a wide range of topics that are hallmarks of an ageing society. They include:

  • health
  • life expectancy
  • incomes
  • pensions
  • employment
  • housing
  • citizenship
  • cultural participation

We integrate historical and cultural knowledge of inequalities in the older population. This allows us to present a dynamic perspective on ageing and inequalities.

Our research projects

Research projects use a range of methodologies to improve understanding of the inequalities that characterise ageing societies.

Take a look at some of our projects from the Centre for Ageing and Inequalities. Discover the wide reach of our work and the impact we're having.