Our Values

Our Values

Our values

We are committed to providing an excellent, sustainable service within the local community. Our mission is to Welcome the world to Newcastle, and we aim to nurture great minds for a better tomorrow. 

As the University's catering service, our key areas of focus are:

  • Running an environmentally sustainable business;
  • Providing nutritional, great quality food and drinks which cater to a variety of diets and lifestyles;
  • Offering excellent value for money to our staff, students and visitors;
  • Delivering a friendly, welcoming service and relaxing facilities to help nourish the wellbeing of our community. 


We're committed to increasing the consumption of Fairtrade products.

Fairtrade products are available in all campus shops and used in all campus catering outlets. We also serve Fairtrade products at all meetings hosted by the university and the Students' Union.

Fairtrade products can be identified by the Fairtrade mark. The mark guarantees:

  • a price that covers the cost of production
  • a social premium for producer groups to invest in business or community development
  • long-term trading relationships and advanced payments

Newcastle University was first recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation as a Fairtrade University in 2006; as of 1 June 2020 the University is classified as Working Towards Fairtrade as it completes the Fairtrade Foundation’s updated accreditation requirements.

For more information, see our Fairtrade Policy (PDF: 46KB). 

The Fairtrade Mark
The Fairtrade mark.