Our Values

Our Values


We're committed to increasing the consumption of Fairtrade products.

Fairtrade products are available in all campus shops and used in all campus catering outlets. We also serve Fairtrade products at all meetings hosted by the university and the Students' Union.

Fairtrade products can be identified by the Fairtrade mark. The mark guarantees:

  • a price that covers the cost of production
  • a social premium for producer groups to invest in business or community development
  • long-term trading relationships and advanced payments

Newcastle University was first recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation as a Fairtrade University in 2006. We're a member of the Newcastle Fairtrade Partnership, and we participate in Fairtrade Fortnight every year.

For more information, see our Fairtrade Policy (PDF: 46KB).

Our Fairtrade steering group meets regularly to discuss how we can promote Fairtrade.

The Fairtrade Mark
The Fairtrade mark.


We recognise our responsibility to carry out catering activities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the food they eat and the negative impact it has on our world, particularly:

  • waste
  • packaging
  • food miles
  • carbon footprint
  • animal welfare

We want to set a good example by improving the sustainability of our own catering services and supply chains. See our Healthy and Sustainable Food Policy (PDF: 174KB) for more information.

Positive impacts of sustainable food production and consumption include:

  • managing the negative environmental impacts
  • contributing to improved health by helping customers make healthier food choices
  • improved food quality and security
  • improved standards for workers throughout the supply chain

Our food is sourced and purchased in line with the university’s Sustainable Procurement. Producers are vetted on both the quality of their goods and hygiene of their premises.

Our Food Principles

Our food is prepared and served under the following principles.

Fresh food you can trust

Menus based around food that is freshly prepared on-site or at a local hub from predominantly unprocessed ingredients, free from controversial additives and trans fats.

Championing local food producers

Investing in the local community and local economy, reconnecting people with where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Making healthy eating easier

Making it easier for people to choose healthy meals free from trans fats and undesirable additives. The emphasis is on serving an appetising and nutritious balance of good quality, freshly prepared foods rather than on providing nutritionally reformulated processed foods.