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Calls for regulatory action to strengthen biodiversity disclosures

Business and finance disclosures need a biodiversity outcome focus and regulatory backing to deliver critical conservation goals, new study reveals.

Climate change intensifies wind-rain extremes in the UK and Ireland

Climate change will cause an increase in extreme winter storms combining strong winds and heavy rainfall over the UK and Ireland, new research has shown.

Solar-electric taxi boat sets sail in Kenya

Experts from Newcastle University have helped innovate a solar-electric water taxi fabricated entirely from recycled plastic collected and manufactured in Kenya.

Community climate project gets National Lottery funding

Young dads in the North East have received a significant funding boost for a community climate project involving a Newcastle University academic.

Study shows the crop benefits of enhanced rock weathering

Enhanced rock weathering results in higher crop yields and improved crop health, new research has shown.

Engineering Biology research to address environmental challenges

A new £13m research centre, the first of its kind in the UK, is being formed to enhance and develop the natural abilities of micro-organisms in cleaning up our planet.

Helping predict cold-blooded animals' response to environmental shifts

Newcastle University researchers have developed a new tool to predict cold-blooded animals’ responses to environmental change.

Climate change shown to cause methane release from the deep ocean

New research has shown that fire-ice - frozen methane which is trapped as a solid under our oceans - is vulnerable to melting due to climate change and could be released into the sea.

Newcastle University scientists join a new €41.3m climate centre

Newcastle University will be part of the new Climate+ Co-Centre to help tackle the climate, biodiversity and water crises impacting Ireland and Britain.

Schoolchildren explore careers in polar research

Hundreds of schoolchildren will visit Newcastle University this week to learn what it is like to be a polar researcher.

Royal recognition for water research

Newcastle University has won a prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education in recognition of its long-standing excellence in water research.

New funding to support coral restoration

Newcastle University has been awarded a new research grant which will support implementation of coral reef restoration interventions that aim to enhance adaptation to climate change.

Ancient landscape discovered beneath East Antarctic Ice Sheet 

Scientists at Newcastle University have discovered an ancient landscape that has lain hidden beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet for millions of years.

Durham’s colliery coastline at risk from Storm Babet

Researchers from Newcastle University are braving the elements during Storm Babet to document major changes in Durham’s industrial coastline.

New research centre will drive economic growth and sustainability

Newcastle University will lead a new £5m research initiative to help boost UK economic growth and address regional needs.

New partnership to help decarbonise the UK maritime sector

Newcastle University will be part of a new £21.3m flagship UK national clean maritime research hub to decarbonise the UK maritime sector.

Fewer but severe tropical storms predicted over the Ganges and Mekong

Climate experts project a decline in the frequency of future tropical storms but an increase in their strength across the Ganges and Mekong basins, allowing for better future planning.

UK launches research hub to decarbonise transport networks

The new national hub will provide expertise, innovative modelling and engagement to support net zero transport networks.

Boosting the resilience of urban areas against floods

£250,000 has been awarded to Newcastle University researchers to enhance flood resilience.

Comment: Pacific coral reef climate resistance

Writing for The Conversation, Liam Lachs discusses a new study which shows that a remote Pacific coral reef shows at least some ability to cope with ocean warming.

Pacific coral reef shows historic increase in climate resistance

Coral reefs in one part of the Pacific Ocean have likely adjusted to higher ocean temperatures which could reduce future bleaching impacts of climate change, new research reveals.

The Vanishing Act

A new show exploring the bug world as never seen before is being created by Cap-a-Pie theatre company with young people and a Newcastle University scientist.

Comment: New research shows how rapidly ice sheets retreat

Writing for The Conversation, Dr Christine Batchelor and her colleague Dr Frazer Christie discuss what their discovery about the speed of ice sheet retreat may mean for Antarctica.

Ice sheets can collapse faster than previously thought

Ice sheets can retreat up to 600 metres a day during periods of climate warming, 20 times faster than the highest rate of retreat previously measured.

Expert Q&A: why is there an oil field in Dorset anyway?

The Conversation asked oil industry expert Dr Mark Ireland to explain why there is an oil field in Dorset, what sort of oil it produces, and what happens next.

Glacial flooding threatens millions globally

Fifteen million people around the world are at risk from flooding caused by glacial lakes, with just four countries accounting for more than half of those exposed.

Loss of marine life off the North East and Yorkshire coast

An independent expert panel has today (20 January) published its findings into the loss of marine life off the North East and Yorkshire coast.

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