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Understanding Impacts

Our research seeks to understand the impacts of climate change and the effects of human activity on biodiversity, ecosystem resilience and human livelihoods.

Limiting pressure on species and ecosystems

Our researchers are investigating the effects of human pressures (such as land-use change, pollution, invasive species and over-exploitation) and climate change on species and ecosystems. We aim to understand how these stressors affect:

  • biodiversity
  • ecosystem functioning
  • ecosystem resilience
  • human livelihoods

Our research spans marine, terrestrial and freshwater environments, and covers tropical, temperate and polar climates.

We work with collaborators at local, national and international scales on inter-disciplinary projects that use a variety of innovative techniques, including:

  • field studies
  • DNA metabarcoding
  • remote sensing
  • acoustic monitoring
  • complex system models

Our findings provide evidence to inform policy and management that mitigate the impacts of climate change and other pressures, and allows biodiversity and ecosystems to thrive.

Resilient treescapes

Trees are vital to our wellbeing and survival. They will also play a key role in mitigating climate change and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

We use the latest technologies, including sensor networks and remote sensing, to monitor changes in forest structure and health.

We also examine:

  • the benefits and impacts of trees and hedgerows in agricultural and forested landscapes
  • the impacts of tree cover, forest structure and health on natural and human systems

Technology is helping us develop new ways to characterise forest structure and health. We do this using sensor networks and remote sensing.