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Our Research

We're researching ways to increase the resilience of our communities and environment to climate change.

Leading environmental research

The CCER is helping to tackle climate change. We provide expertise and international leadership for innovative climate and environmental research.

We are accelerating research that is: 

  • evidence-based
  • solutions-driven
  • systems-focused

It draws on Newcastle University’s record of cross-faculty research in this area spanning:

  • natural sciences
  • engineering
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • business
  • education
  • social sciences
  • medical sciences

This provides a strong multi and transdisciplinary focus to our work. It is evidenced by the Global Challenges Research Fund Interdisciplinary Research Hubs in Water Security and Living Deltas.

Our research aims to transform our society into communities resilient to climate emergency. We'll do this through technological, educational and engineering-led solutions.

Key research themes

Our research covers four broad themes. Cross-cutting these themes are ‘human ecosystems’. Together our themes support our overarching goals – climate action and climate resilience.