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Adapting to a Different Climate

Our research helps increase resilience to extreme weather in a changing climate

Increasing resilience to climate change

Human-induced impacts of climate change are already evident across the globe. Weather extremes are having significant effects on human society and ecosystems.

Global temperature will continue to rise even with a cut in greenhouse gas emissions. Warming more than 1.5°C or 2°C will result in more serious impacts and could see our climate reach potential irreversible tipping points.

We need to take action now to assess and prepare for the risks and opportunities arising from climate change. This addresses UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13. Such action is consistent with our commitment to advance the aims of the UN SDGs.

We work to:

  • develop new, cross-disciplinary approaches to quantify risk and support decision-making in practice
  • change practice, improve quality of life and deliver the UN SDGs
  • provide stakeholder communities with information and tools to find solutions to their problems

Some examples of how we achieve this in practice: