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Competitions and Markets Authority Sub-Committee

Competitions & Markets Authority Sub-Committee (CMASC)

The Competitions and Markets Authority sub-committee of UEC is responsible for:

  • overseeing the University’s compliance with the Competition and Markets Authority Guidance to higher education providers on all relevant matters in line with the requirements of the Office for Students, 
  • ensuring the development, dissemination and effective implementation of policies and procedures in line with the requirements of the CMA
  • considering and make recommendations on strategic and associated operational issues of relevance to compliance with the requirements of the CMA 
  • overseeing the provision of guidance to academic units and relevant professional services regarding the University’s responsibilities with regard to CMA expectations 
  • ensuring that appropriate compliance with the CMA requirements is reflected in other policies, procedures and contractual documents affecting the provision of marketing information, admissions, registration and course provision.   
  • advising on the development of systems and technologies to support the University’s compliance with CMA requirements 
  • monitoring the University’s compliance with the CMA requirements and make recommendations to UEC as appropriate on the basis of this monitoring.
  • providing reports or policy updates as appropriate in line with the ongoing requirements to ensure the University’s continued registration with the Office for Students