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Degree Programme Handbook

About the Handbook

All taught degree programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate) are required to have handbooks. Details included in handbooks should conform to University requirements  should always be clear, accurate and consistent with other sources of information provided to students (e.g. module guides, school handbooks). For branch campus, transnational or partnership programmes, any local differences or other variations from Newcastle University’s institutional policies and practices should be clearly noted and explained.

It is important that everyone responsible for the degree programme handbook reads the guidance document

The 2023-24 handbook is available on Canvas Commons. This means that schools can pull these pages directly into their school or programme community areas as an online handbook, supplementing these with information for students specific to their programmes. Any updates to this centrally provided information, such as updated weblinks, will then automatically feed into your specific handbooks.

The Canvas Commons materials are found here.

Alternatively this centrally provided information is also provided a Word document Degree Programme Handbook. Schools can tailor, modify, and update their degree programme handbooks using this text, alongside information relevant to the specific programme.