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Centre for Heritage

Centre for Heritage

A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence.

Heritage links our past to our present, with the potential to influence every aspect of how we live our lives. From the preservation and interpretation of cultural monuments, landscapes, and traditions, to explorations of identity, community, politics, and global and international relations, the implications of heritage research are profound and far-reaching.

The Centre for Heritage brings together experts across a wide range of disciplines to deliver heritage research that will have an impact now and in the future.

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The Centre for Heritage works across a wide range of disciplines, including the humanities, arts, social sciences, engineering, computing, and medicine. We provide an inclusive, creative, and progressive platform that transcends disciplinary boundaries and supports everyone to succeed in the creation of world-class research.

We approach heritage research in a variety of ways, to address the most critical and pressing questions about our relations with the past. Our research places heritage at the heart of key discussions on politics, society, and global concerns, with real-world implications that truly make a difference.