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  • A Benin Bronze at the Great North Museum: Hancock

    The Great North Museum: Hancock is seeking to return a Benin Bronze to Nigeria.

    published on: 12 January 2022

  • Comment: Novak Djokovic

    Writing for The Conversation, Dr Joshua Jowitt discusses the the legal problem of having one rule for some, another for everyone else.

    published on: 11 January 2022

  • Comment: Why we need to pay attention to the world’s many racisms

    Writing for The Conversation, Alastair Bonnett discusses 'Multiracism' and why we need to pay attention to a new generation of activists and scholars in order to understand the diversity of racism.

    published on: 7 January 2022

  • Comment: The Sagrada Familia

    Writing for The Conversation, Dr Josep-Maria Garcia-Fuentes discusses how Gaudí’s masterpiece became a myth and a divisive political tool.

    published on: 6 January 2022