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Film graduate blossoms with video for Poet Laureate's band

Published on: 12 April 2024

Talented filmmaker Jasmine Stephenson has created the visuals to accompany Simon Armitage’s band LYR’s song Profusion.


The video is inspired by Jasmine’s experiences travelling in Japan and is one of five made to accompany songs from the band’s new EP Blossomise, which is launching the National Trust’s annual blossom campaign alongside a book of poems with the same name.

 Jasmine made the video while she was studying for her degree in Film Practices which she graduated last summer. She is now one of the co-founders of North East based queer film collective Disobedient Crows.

“I had a great time working on the Blossomise project over the last year,” said Jasmine. “I have created an exploration of how nature inspires creativity and I'm so pleased with the final film. The visuals of the creatives I filmed for the project alongside the music of LYR work great together. I'm next looking forward to seeing it performed live on their tour in April.”

Simon Armitage said: “Nature writing goes right back to the very origins of poetry. I wanted the poems to key in to that tradition, and to make themselves available as memorable verse and song lyrics.

“At the same time, I wanted them to exist in the here and now, using everyday language and dealing with contemporary issues, not least climate change. Blossom is such a strong emblem of spring, but also a very delicate indicator of unstable climate conditions. I’ve tried to find that balance both within and across the poems.”

Of the book’s 21 poems and haikus, five were adapted into the songs making up the Blossomise EP, which LYR worked on with community choirs and budding student filmmakers.

The films will be screened on stage when the band goes on tour later this month, including a performance at Newcastle’s Wylam Brewery on 28 April.

Simon continued: “Increasingly, we have seen that poetry is resonating with people from across the generations and from many different walks of life, not least when it shades into musical territory and performance. As such, this feels like the right project at the right time, designed to amplify the joy of blossom, encourage people all over the country to feel inspired by nature’s resilience, and to welcome the coming of spring.”

Jasmine Stephenson by Carol Lynn


Annie Reilly, Head of the National Trust’s Blossom Programme said: “Finding new and exciting ways to connect people with the beauty of the seasons has always been at the heart of our Blossom programme, and we could not be more excited for them to be inspired to join us on this journey into the wonder of blossom through the incredible art Simon and LYR have created.

“As our hanami-inspired celebration blooms again for a fifth year, we hope it will encourage people to dive head-first into this annual feel-good spectacle using all of their senses, whether that is by reading poetry under the falling petals of a cherry tree, listening to the music in the middle of an orchard, smelling spring’s perfume in the gardens, attending a live performance, or simply taking in the sea of pink and white petals, wherever they are.”

The Trust’s Blossom campaign is supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, with the Manchester events supported by CJ Wildlife.

Blossomise the book is published by Faber, with the album available to order and download on Bandcamp or across streaming services.

Tickets for the live performances by LYR are now on sale, available through the National Trust website and starting from £5.

Press release adapted with thanks to the National Trust

Jasmine Stephenson. Photo by Carol Lynn

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