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Gallery in Mexico City

University artists exhibit work in Mexico

Published on: 2 April 2024

A group of professional artists at Newcastle University have shown off their work at a contemporary gallery over 5,000 miles away in Mexico City.

The exhibition, named 'THE TOON' was curated by Mexican artist and Newcastle University lecturer, Erika Servín and is on display at Talleres de Arte Contemporáneo TACO in Tlalpan; a southern territory of Mexico City.  

TOON exhibits work crafted by Newcastle University Fine Art lecturers; Irene Brown, Theresa Easton, Chris Jones, Christian Mieves, Wolfgang Weileder, and Erika Servín. Their art covers a broad range of topics from a contemporary aesthetic perspective.

Erika Servín said: “This exhibition displays work from a group of academics from Newcastle University. These artists are committed to the practice of contemporary art and research, created at the intersection of both new and established practices, technologies, and methodologies.

 "Their cutting-edge practice and pursuit of innovation in the visual arts reflect a cultural environment as vibrant as it is creative and provides the foundation for the outstanding teaching here at Newcastle University.”

Christian Mieves paintings (left) and a giclee print of Professor Wolfgang Weileder (right).

Establishing a community of artists

The mission of Talleres de Arte Contemporáneo TACO is closely tied to the work of Newcastle University artists. Since its creation in 2008, TACO has functioned as a vibrant hub for artists dedicated to fostering connections and opening a dialogue between fellow emerging artists.

It provides an environment for new ideas, inclusivity, playfulness, and critical reflection. Through this, TACO continues to push the boundaries of artistic education in Mexico, paving the way for innovative approaches and fresh perspectives within the field. ‌

Servín added: “At TACO, they believe that the diverse spectrum of a creative process offers unique, complex, and critical perspectives on human endeavour, which we also strive to communicate to our students.

“The exhibition is therefore an ideal way to mirror our approach to teaching and fostering the aesthetic curiosity of the next generation of artists at Newcastle University.” 

Servin has brought TOON to Mexico

Newcastle University has a strong global outlook and is dedicated to bringing this into all activities, whether this is teaching, research, or community-focused engagement. With this intercontinental art exhibit, Servin has brought TOON to Mexico, starting a conversation about the values and ambitions we share in the contemporary art world. 

TOON will be on display from May 23 until April 12 in the Talleres de Arte Contemporáneo, Centro de Tlalpan, Mexico City.


Learn about Newcastle University’s Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies or Talleres de Arte Contemporáneo AC here.


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