International Students

Student Life

Student Life

We've made changes on campus to ensure that you are safe when travelling around the University.

We offer a free Meet and Greet service for our international students. We'll welcome you at Newcastle International Airport and arrange transportation to your accommodation.


Our single site, city-centre campus is a beautiful place to learn and socialise, just minutes away from the heart of the action in the city.

Our campus is beautiful, with green spaces and a blend of historic and modern architecture.

It is perfectly situated less than two minutes' walk away from the hustle and bustle of the main city centre shopping area.

Campus tours 

Campus tours are a great way to see the campus and facilities. They run from May until November. Bookings will open in the spring. Campus tours are also usually available during the September and January International Welcome weeks.

Other ways to visit

Watch our current international students talk about how we support them.


Newcastle is a small city with a big personality.

Fun, friendly and affordable, Newcastle has gained a well-deserved reputation as one of the UK's favourite student cities. It's the cosmopolitan capital of the North East and has the University at the heart of the city.

One in six people in Newcastle is a student, helping create the city's vibrant social scene.

International students living in Newcastle enjoy the mix of:

  • city life - shops, theatres, cafés, and restaurants a few minutes' walk from the campus
  • being near the beach - just 25 minutes away by Metro
  • stunning countryside - wonderful countryside and various World Heritage sites are all on your doorstep

Find out more by watching some of the videos on our website.

Find out what our international students like to do in their free time.

Arriving in Newcastle

Starting university is an exciting time, especially if you're studying in a different country. We will give you help and advice so that your journey here is as simple as possible.

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International Welcome Week

International Welcome Week

We will send you your pre-arrival information once you have a place at Newcastle. 

You will receive an invitation to our International Welcome in September. If you arriving in January we also have a January arrivals International Welcome too. 

We also have special events and services for international students. This is to make sure that you settle into life in Newcastle, including:

  • information sessions about being a new student at Newcastle
  • social activities to help you meet other students
  • Our Meet and Greet Service from Newcastle International Airport

You'll find more information about preparing to come to Newcastle and our welcome service on the Student Welcome website.


There are various accommodation options both in University-owned and managed sites, as well as privately across the city. 

Find out about our secure and reasonably priced accommodation.

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