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e-Tandem Partnerships

Our e-Tandem partnerships allow LRC members to connect and engage with native students of their target language in our partner institutions around the world.

e-Tandem Partnerships

These opportunities are important to:

  • deepen our members’ language learning journeys
  • promote Newcastle University as a globally inclusive institution
  • encourage a member community of interculturally informed global citizens. This takes place through virtual mobility and peer assisted learning

The activity consists of weekly online audio-video exchanges with a partner, lasting around one hour. Participants can have equal time:

  • practising their target language
  • helping their partner practise theirs

We provide conversation starter guides in each language for participants. They are available to support the pairings through every stage.


We currently offer the following e-Tandem opportunities to our Newcastle University Language Resource Centre members:

Why join?

e-Tandem exchange gives participants the:

  • ability to access the international experience wherever they are
  • opportunity to provide a richer, more meaningful learning experience

It enables participants to develop essential employability skills such as:

  • intercultural competence
  • critical digital literacy
  • problem-solving
  • teamwork
  • communication
  • global awareness

Many of our participants have gone on to form great friendships with their partners. They carry on with their exchanges beyond their studies and time at Newcastle University.