Language Resource Centre

About Us

About Us

Self-study language learning at one of the foremost independent language learning centres in the UK.

Supporting language learning

We support, facilitate and encourage the learning of languages and cross-cultural communication. This is both within the university and in the North East region.

We are committed to quality provision and service.

Our services

The Centre supports independent language learning and tandem learning. We do not provide language tuition or taught classes.

We offer free language learning facilities to all members of the University.

Our facilities

You can access self-study resources in over 100 languages. Our facilities include:

  • 80 PCs with language learning software (access to workstation limited in 2020/2021)
  • 40 satellite channels in 16 languages
  • 800 foreign language films (8,000+ films & TV programmes available online)
  • online English language study materials
  • distance and online learning resources

Our history

The Language Resource Centre was established in 1997, aimed to promote independent language learning for all on campus in line with the University's 'Languages for All' policy. In 2014 it underwent major refurbishment. The reading room in the Old Library Building was converted into a state-of-the-art study centre.

The LRC is a cross-faculty service, based in the HaSS faculty, providing support for all language learners.

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