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About Us

The Institute supports new collaborations for humanities scholars.

Our vision and Purpose

We celebrate and promote the contribution that humanities scholars bring to the pressing problems of today. 

The humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture and the human experience from any period and any place.  Humanities researchers deal with complex data that defies straightforward analysis. Our modes of enquiry are critical or theoretical and historical. Humanities research requires—and fosters—empathy, scepticism, critical thinking and communication. As such, humanities research has an important impact on civil society.

We work with alongside the disciplinary-focused schools to build on Newcastle University's established record of excellence in humanities research. Our most important role is to work across the faculty, the university and beyond to catalyse new collaborative interdisciplinary areas of enquiry that have the potential to innovate and transform.  

To do this, we work closely with our sister institutes for Social Science and Creative Arts Practice. Our shared Methods Hub explores the diverse methodologies employed at Newcastle University.

Our mission at the Humanities Research Institute is to:

  • bring people together who might not know that they have common research interests
  • create a vibrant and inspiring research environment 
  • create an innovative and inclusive learning environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students across the university, including internship opportunities
  • generate and support an innovative range of collaborative and risk-taking research projects
  • develop productive and sustainable partnerships with organisations outside the University, locally and internationally
  • support the career development of humanities researchers
  • advocate for humanities research, articulating and communicating its significance and benefits
  • support the university’s commitment to social justice
  • produce research of the highest quality

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences