Student Financial Support

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Our Student Financial Support Team are here to help.


You can book an appointment online directly to meet a Student Finance Adviser. Self-referring appointments are available every Tuesday and Thursday either online (9am to 4pm) or in person in King's Gate in the afternoon (1-4pm). Booking in advance is required. Slots are available up to maximum of six days and a minimum of two hours in advance. Availability may vary depending on staff resources.

If you wish to bring someone with you, for example a relative or a friend, you must give us advance notice and consent to discuss your finances with them by emailing us. If you don't, we may cancel the appointment.

Urgent enquiries

If your enquiry is urgent or if you are experiencing immediate financial difficulties you can telephone 0191 208 2693, 0191 208 7098 or 0191 208 4488