Student Financial Support

Concerned about your Finances?

Concerned about your finances?

If you've got money worries, we may be able to help.

Help with living costs

Are you experiencing financial difficulties and worried about money? We may be able to offer:

  • short-term, interest-free emergency assistance
  • an assessment to receive extra money

Discretionary financial assistance is available to support UK, EU and international undergraduate and postgraduate students. Check out our Mythbuster (PDF:365KB) to find out more about this financial support. More information is also available in our Quick Guide (Word:23KB)

If you have questions about our funding please contact us at We can also provide assistance by Teams or in person via a prearranged appointment.  You should email us at the above email address to arrange an appointment. 

Further University support and NUSU support  is also available to help with the cost of living.

What do we mean by financial difficulty? 

If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet and you're unable to cover essential, day-to-day living costs.

You must have accessed all sources of funding available to you including savings and taking out an interest free overdraft before applying for this support.   You may receive either a non-repayable award or a repayable loan depending on your circumstances.

Still not sure whether to make an application?

You may be reluctant to submit an application. Our assessment process will ensure your application is treated consistently and fairly, as well as determining the level of assistance we're able to offer you.  We aim to help as many students as possible. Last year 78% of applications that were assessed were allocated funding.   Read more about some Examples of Successful and Unsuccessful financial support applications


Emergency loans

If you run out of money and can't cover your living costs, we may be able to provide a short-term, interest free, emergency loan.

We'll usually only provide one emergency loan in any academic year, and we don't usually offer them during the summer vacation. Emergency loans can't assist with ongoing or long-term financial difficulties, but we have other funding that might be able to help with this.

Before applying, and to find out more, read our Emergency Loan Terms and Conditions (PDF:43KB)

Need help with debts, benefits or consumer matters?

We don't provide advice about benefit eligibility, debt management or consumer matters. If you need help with any of these issues, contact the Student Advice Centre at the Students' Union, or an external organisation.