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Non-UK Student Finance

EU tuition fee loans

If you're a full-time non-UK EU student, you may be able to apply to the Student Loans Company for a tuition fee loan. If you're eligible for a loan, you do not need to pay fees whilst studying. You cannot defer payment of your tuition fees through any other method.

You'll be able to borrow up to £9,250. You need to have:

  • Pre-Settled status as part of the EU Settlement Scheme
  • lived in the UK or EEA for the 3 years before the start of your course

The fee loan is paid direct to the University on your behalf. Once you graduate, you'll then repay directly to the Student Loans Company.

How to apply

You can download an application form from the website.


You do not start repaying your loan until:

  • the April after you leave your course or you graduate, whichever is sooner
  • you are earning enough

The Student Loan Company has information about tuition fee loan repayment thresholds for EU students. These thresholds take into account differences in living costs depending upon where you will live once you graduate.

For repayment enquiries, take a look at the Student Loans Company repayment portal.


You are charged interest on your loan from the moment you receive the first instalment until you have paid it off in full.

If you started your course:

  • before September 2012, the interest rates vary because they are linked to the rate of inflation
  • after 1 September 2012, interest rates will depend on the rate of inflation and also how much you earn after you graduate


Student Finance Services
Student Loans Company
PO Box 89

Tel: +44 (0)141 243 3570

Canadian Student Loans

Newcastle University is a recognised institution for the purpose of certifying Canadian Student Loan applications.

The Federal and Provincial Governments offer financial aid to Canadians studying at Newcastle University. Canadian loans are means-tested, so you must demonstrate financial need to qualify for aid.

Newcastle University’s institutional code is PUBR.


How to apply

For details on eligibility and how to apply for a loan, visit the Canada Student aid website.

If you're interested in applying for a loan, you:

  • must do so through your provincial/territorial student assistance office or website
  • are considered for funding by both the Provincial and Federal Government, so you only have to apply once for funding for the year

The provincial Student Finance Department will process most of the loans, not the University. The University:

  • may require signatures or verification of your student status
  • must also confirm that you have been accepted onto a course or are already enrolled before any financial aid will be disbursed

Any forms that need to be signed or certified by Newcastle University must only be signed by members of the Student Financial Support Team.


Governments don’t charge interest on student loans for full-time students until after they have completed their studies or left school. Interest starts to accumulate from the month after students leave school, but payments are only required six months later.


Student Financial Support Team

Student Wellbeing Service

King's Gate

Newcastle University

Tel: +44 (0) 191 222 5538

US Loans

Many students get federal student aid. This is to help pay for your study at international schools, either at undergraduate or graduate level.

Newcastle University is approved by the US Department of Education to participate in the William D Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. This enables eligible American students to access financial support.

Newcastle University's federal school code is G08460 (it may also appear as 00846000).

US Federal student loans are administered centrally by the Student Financial Support team. Read through the following before starting the application process. You may find that the process is very different to applications made at US Universities.

Private loans

A private alternative loan is:

  • a non-federal education loan, through a private lender
  • typically in the student’s name and requiring a co-signer

Approval and interest rates are based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and co-signer. Each alternative lender has different eligibility requirements, loan rates, terms, and conditions.

Before applying for a private alternative loan, students who are eligible for federal student aid should:

  • complete the FAFSA
  • exhaust all federal loans and scholarship opportunities

Federal student loans generally have more favourable terms and conditions than private loans. We recommend that you utilise all federal loan eligibility before turning to private loans.

Currently we are aware of only one private lender, Sallie Mae.

Veterans Affairs Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has suspended approval for the use of VA education benefits at Newcastle University.

As such, the University cannot accept any new VA education benefits students.