Sustainable Campus

Staff Profile

Matthew Dunlop

Head of Sustainability


Responsible for all aspects of operational sustainability on the Newcastle University campus, I lead the sustainable development programmes on campus - delivering an outstanding estate for students, staff and visitors.

Our Environmental Management System is certified to the international standard ISO14001 and includes:

Energy, Water and Carbon Management

  • Carbon reduction project development - funded by our Revolving Green Fund (aka Salix Fund)
  • Energy / Water Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) inc. invoice validation on an annual budget of circa £8.5M
  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions though implementation of an (ISO50001 certified) Energy Management System.

Sustainable Travel

  • Develop and support sustainable travel choices for staff, students and visitors
  • Improve cycle infrastructure and support cycling on campus - increase cycle parking spaces, run Dr. Bike maintenance sessions etc.
  • Develop and support electric vehicle charging infrastructure on campus

Waste Management and Recycling:

  • Manage general waste and recycling to achieve a high recycling rate (currently >90%)
  • Manage hazardous waste including clinical waste removal and compliance.
  • Develop resource efficiency, waste minimisation


  • Develop and implement an Biodiversity Action Plan.

Sustainable Construction and Refurbishment

  • Support implementation of sustainable design and practices in construction and refurbishment, applying metrics including BREEAM, sustainability frameworks etc . where appropriate.

Legal compliance

  • Ensure legal compliance with all environmental legislation

Awareness and Engagement:

  • Engage students, staff and the public with sustainability on campus.