Sustainable Campus



Energy use is one of our most significant environmental impacts.

Nearly 50% of Newcastle University’s total carbon footprint is emitted through the supply of heating, cooling and power to our buildings. The University is paying over £10 million per year in utility bills alone.

Effective energy management and investing in energy efficiency, conservation, generation and awareness measures are crucial if we are to achieve net zero by 2030.

Check campus building energy performance

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are designed to show the energy performance of public buildings. They use a scale that runs from 'A' to 'G' - 'A' being the most efficient and 'G' being the least.

You can check the DECs and related recommendation reports for University campus buildings on the Government's website. Please note, this website is still in Beta form and shows expired as well as valid certificates for some buildings.

What you can do

General housekeeping and making us aware of areas where you believe energy is being wasted are two key actions you can take to support the work we do around energy.