Sustainable Campus

Colleague Action

Colleague action

Join us in practising and promoting sustainability across our campus.

In light of the climate emergency, action needs to happen across every level of the University. We all need to do our bit for the place in which we live and work.

Colleague induction

If you're a new staff member, find out more about sustainability by attending a Staff Welcome Event. The welcome events provide an overview of the University's functions and objectives. They are presented by the Vice-Chancellor or a Pro Vice-Chancellor (in absence of the VC).

Sustainability progress is an integral feature of the presentation at these events. Members of the Sustainability Team attend every staff welcome event to give information to new starters. You can book your place at the Staff Induction Pages (University login required).

Annabel & Katy at a sus team stand

Get involved

Below are some ways you can actively get involved in increasing sustainability at the University.

Green Impact

We are thrilled to be offering Green Impact now at Newcastle University.

Green Impact is a sustainability engagement and action programme for all staff. It is an award-winning UNESCO program which fosters environmentally and socially sustainable practices within organisations. It is run by SOS-UK.

By signing up to Green Impact and creating your local team, you can increase the sustainability of your work area and the University as a whole.

You will work through the toolkit, completing as many actions as possible, before submitting in May 2024.


Students audit the toolkit submissions, and if you have successfully completed a level of Green Impact, you will be recognised at the Vice Chancellor's Celebrating Success: Environment Awards in the summer of 2024.


LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) was designed to improve the sustainability of laboratories. The online platform has actions for lab users to complete relating to waste, travel, energy, water and more. Rationale and guidance are available for all actions.

LEAF was developed and is managed by UCL, and Newcastle University is now offering this scheme to our colleagues working in practical spaces.

The framework’s actions are designed for ‘wet labs’, but there are actions that can be completed by other types of laboratory or practical workspace.

Lab Groups work through Bronze, Silver and Gold criteria, only progressing to the next level when they’ve finished the previous level. Lab Group progress will be assessed by the Sustainability Team at regular intervals and certification awarded when levels have been completed.

When you register, you'll create your Lab Group or join an existing Lab Group (contact if you cannot find your work area when you join LEAF). You will also be added to the 'LEAF @ NU' Microsoft Team.

Please read through the detailed LEAF User Guide (Word: 2,458 KB)!


Lab groups who have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation are recognised and celebrated each year at the Vice Chancellor's Celebrating Succes: Environment Awards.

Logo for the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF)