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Comment: Alaska’s glaciers approaching irreversible tipping point

Writing for The Conversation, Bethan Davies discusses how the melting of glaciers in a major Alaskan icefield has accelerated and could reach an irreversible tipping point earlier than thought.

Changes projected in marine fish communities due to climate change

New research predicts significant shifts in marine fish communities in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans as a result of climate warming.

Calls for regulatory action to strengthen biodiversity disclosures

Business and finance disclosures need a biodiversity outcome focus and regulatory backing to deliver critical conservation goals, new study reveals.

Sustainability experts needed for national education scheme

Pioneering programme supporting schools and colleges to develop and implement climate action plans is being expanded.

AI reveals critical gaps in global Antimicrobial Resistance research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped identify knowledge, methodological and communication gaps in global Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) research.

Comment: Climate change and parasitic diseases

Writing for The Conversation, Dr Mark Booth explains why climate change is making parasitic diseases harder to predict.