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Christmas Switch Off

Date/Time: December 2020

Venue: Newcastle University

As we get ready for the Christmas break, we need to get ready to give our buildings a break too.

Switching everything off, that can be switched off, will save energy that, in turn, saves carbon dioxide emissions.

When switching off your work area, it is helpful to organise a switch off team that can ensure the actions are completed and doing a final sweep of your area.

Our posters for Christmas Switch Off 2020 (PDF 891KB) communicate the guidance below and can be shared digitally and printed to be displayed in your workspace.


Please switch off:

  • Computers and monitors
  • Kettlers
  • Printers and photocopiers
  • Other appliances
  • Lights

And please close all windows!

Fridges and freezers

Dispose of food in your green food waste bins and recycle packaging. Last bin collections are 18th December morning!

Please switch off and clean/defrost your fridges and freezers before the break.


Where safe to do so, please switch off as much lab equipment as possible over the festive period.

Please switch off unused:

  • Drying cabinets
  • Fume cupboards
  • Other equipment

If you have any questions about the above, feel free to email the Sustainability Team and we'll be happy to help.

Christmas tree at Newcastle University