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Past events

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Climate Conscious Careers 2022

Empowering students to take up climate conscious careers.

Newcastle University Students' Union (NUSU) organised Climate Conscious Careers in March 2022, a campaign focused on inspiring students to take up environmentally-focused careers, but also recognise that they can make many different careers climate conscious, and lead climate conscious personal lives as well.

Newcastle University collaborated with NUSU on this campaign, have been collaborating on annual climate campaigns with them for a number of years, and aim to continue this going forwards.

Learning and Teaching Conference 2022

Education for sustainable development was discussed and promoted at this year's Learning and Teaching Conference.

The Learning and Teaching Conference in March 2022 showcased effective, collaborative and inventive approaches to learning and teaching across the University.

Education for sustainable development was explored in sessions:

  • Education for Sustainable Development: Linking sustainability to employability in the curriculum
  • SustainaWHAT? Co-creating multidisciplinary spaces explore how and why the UNSDGs matter to all postgraduate research students
  • Get Sust! Working in partnership with students to co-develop a board game for raising student awareness of sustainable development
  • Practical Guidance for Decolonising the Curriculum

The UNSDGs Committee of the University also organised an event in November 2021: Embedding Sustainable Development in Education.

Aerial view of Newcastle University campus

Climate Action at Newcastle University 2022

Climate Action at Newcastle University was an event reporting on our progress against the Climate Action plan and how we're meeting our sustainability targets. The event took place on Thursday 10th November 2022 and was open to all staff and students at the University.

Delegates attended a panel discussion on 'A Net Zero Campus of the Future' in the morning and had a choice of two breakout sessions in the afternoon. These included a sessions on the Travel Better Package and Net Zero Research.

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