Join the Sports Centre onlineMembership charges 2014/15

There are different categories of membership depending on your relationship to the University and the activities you want to take part in:

Other costs which may be incurred include:

  • Replacement associate/graduate University SMART Card £10.00
  • Guest fee £6.00 (for guest of Centre members - limited activities)
  • Entry fee £2.00 (for members who have forgotten their SMART Card)
  • Fraudulent Use (Fine: = £20.00) The person whose SMART Card is fraudulently used is liable for the fine.
  • Cancellation of membership/cooling off period - Sports Centre members have up to 14 days to cancel their membership subscription. A full refund less an administrative fee of £20 will be given within this period. A member is only entitled to receive one membership refund within the membership year. Cancellation forms are available online at cancel membership.


Please note that 12 January 2015 is the last date that cancellation of years 2 and 3 of your Sports Centre Membership can be accepted.

Please note that 13 October 2014 is the last date that full cancellation of 3 year Sports Centre Membership can be accepted.