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Membership charges 2015/16

There are different categories of membership depending on your relationship to the University and the activities you want to take part in:

Other costs which may be incurred include:

  • Replacement associate/graduate University SMART Card £10.00
  • Guest fee £6.00 (for guest of Centre members - limited activities)
  • Entry fee £2.00 (for members who have forgotten their SMART Card)
  • Fraudulent Use (Fine = £20.00) The person whose SMART Card is fraudulently used is liable for the fine.
  • Cancellation of membership/cooling off period - Sports Centre members have up to 14 days to cancel their membership, within this cooling off period a full refund will be given. A member is only entitled to receive one membership refund within the membership year. Please complete a Cancellation form.


Please note that 18 January 2016 is the last date that cancellation of years 2 and 3 of your Sports Centre Membership can be accepted.

Please note that 19 October 2015 is the last date that full cancellation of 3 year Sports Centre Membership can be accepted.