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Rules and Regulations

Read our Rules and Regulations for using facilities owned or hired by Newcastle University.

All persons making use of the University Sports Facilities are required to comply with the following rules and regulations. Entry and use of the Sports Facilities is granted on condition that the following conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated into the contract of entry to the Sports Facilities.

Interpretation 'Sports Facilities' shall mean and include all buildings, grounds or other facilities at the University Sport and Fitness Centre, Cochrane Park Sports Ground, Heaton Sports Ground, Longbenton Sports Ground, Redhall Drive Sports Ground, and Newburn Water Sports Centre.

'The Director' means the Director of Sports Services and includes any employee of the University exercising the functions of the Director.

'User' means any person using any of the Sports Facilities whether as a participant or spectator and whether or not a charge has been paid for entry to the Sports Facilities or for their use.

'The Hirer' means the persons or organisation hiring any part of the Sports Facilities.

'Booked Period' means the period or periods of any day reserved for the Hirer.

'Club' includes any group or organisation approved by the Director for the booking of the Sports Facilities.

'Period of Hire' means the period during which Booked Periods have been reserved for the Hirer.

'University' shall mean Newcastle University.

Any person using the Sports Facilities shall:

Comply with all the reasonable instructions and requests of the Director or other employees of Sports Services.

Refrain from any conduct which is unseemly or unsporting or which might cause annoyance or danger to other users of the Sports Facilities.

Pay to Sports Services on demand the amount of any damage (except damage from fair wear and tear) done or occasioned to the Sports Facilities or the fixtures, fittings, apparatus, equipment, furniture or other contents thereof, by them or by any other person participating jointly with them in the use of the facilities premises or by any person under their control; the amount of such damage shall be certified by the Director whose decision shall be final.

Consume refreshments in the designated areas only. Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed at any of the Sports Facilities unless it has been purchased from the Sports Facilities themselves and is consumed in the designated areas.

While participating in activities, wear dress appropriate to that activity as specified by the Director.

Indemnify the University against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings in respect of the death of, or injury of, any person or damage to property belonging to any person arising out of the use by that person of the Sports Facilities otherwise than as a result of defective condition of the Sports Facilities of the equipment or the negligence of the University, its agents, officers or servants.

Ensure that the part of the Sports Facilities used by that person and any equipment is left in a tidy and orderly condition by the end of the period of use.

Carry out and observe all instructions relating to the use of the Sports Facilities and conduct therein which may from time to time be published by notice on the premises or otherwise.

Any person using the Centre shall not (unless expressly authorised by the Director):

Bring any dangerous or obnoxious thing in or out of the Sports Facilities.

Bring or Permit to remain in or on the Sports Facilities any dogs or other animals.

Sell or attempt to sell in the Centre to other users any goods, articles, or equipment of whatsoever kind.

Put up any notices or decorations (internal or external).

Take photographs at the Sports Facilities, or arrange for any filming, or televising of any activity therein.

Alter or interfere with any equipment or the fittings of the Sports Facilities or the structure thereof.

Smoke in any area of the Sports Facilities.


The Director reserves the right to refuse admission to the Centre to any person whether or not a fee has previously been paid in respect of entry and/or the use of the facilities of the Centre.

The Director reserves the right to require any person to leave the Centre at any time without refunding any fee paid for entry or for the use of any facilities.


The University, through the Director, reserves the right to:

  • vary all charges
  • vary or discontinue the availability of any or all of the Sports Facilities
  • cancel bookings of any or all of the Sports Facilities at any time.
  • keep any money deposited for hire of equipment if this equipment is returned in an unsatisfactory condition. The Directors decision on this matter shall be final

The Loss or Damage to Personal Property

The University does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage to or loss of property or articles whatsoever which have been left in the Sports Facilities or any part thereof by the User.


The University shall not be liable for any personal injury and/or consequential loss, including fatal injury and consequential loss sustained by any User of the Sports Facilities, however such injury or loss is sustained, except where such injury or loss is directly caused by the negligence of the University or its employees.

Lack or inadequacy of supervision of the use of any equipment, amenity or any part of the Sports Facilities shall be deemed not to be negligence on the part of the University or its employees unless such supervision has previously been expressly arranged with the Director of Sports Services.

Breach of Condition

In the event of any breach of these conditions the User may be required by the Director to leave the Sports Facilities and will forfeit the charge paid by such User for entry to or use of the Sports Facilities. Such action shall be without prejudice to any rights which the University may have against such User by virtue of these.

Alterations of Conditions

The University reserves the right without prior notice at any time to alter or amend the whole of any of these conditions.