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Jack Aiston


I Joined the CDT in 2014 with a maths and stats background. I came straight from my undergrad where I achieved a first in my MMath at Newcastle University.

PhD title

Homomorphic encryption in algebraic structures

Homomorphic cryptography is a subsection of cryptography in which the ciphertexts can be operated on as if they weren't encrypted.

The majority of current methods only allow the performance of one operation. This limits their uses. My research aims to find a system that allows multiple operations. This will expand what options we have for analysis.

A good solution has the potential to save companies such as banks and hospitals money. It would enable them to use the cloud for data analysis while maintaining data privacy.

Working with others in the CDT has helped me to develop test software. It has helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses of my results.

My paper "Ring Theoretic key exchange for homomorphic encryption" was accepted by the Future of Information and Communication Conference. I will be presenting at this conference in March 2019.


Dr Andrew Duncan, Prof Paul Watson and Dr Feng Hao


Ring Theoretic key exchange for homomorphic encryption - Aiston, J. - Future of Information and Communication Conference - March 2019