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Dr Richard Whalley



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I am a lecturer in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. My research interest is in experimental fluid dynamics. My research focuses on understanding and controlling wall-turbulent flows, developing MEMS sensors for wall-turbulence measurements, and on developing microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices for the detection of infectious diseases.

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Higher Education

2007 - 2011: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK

2004 - 2007: B. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering with Mathematics, University of Nottingham, UK
Class: First with honours; Rank: 1st, recipient of 4 academic prizes


2015: Chartered Engineer, CEng

2015: Chartered Scientist, CSci

2017 - 2021:
"Hibernating turbulence in boundary-layer flows," United States Air Force Laboratory, $159,526, Principal Investigator

2017 - 2020: "Microfluidic automated platform for Osteoarthritus drug screening," NC3R CRACK IT, £999,996, Co-Investigator

2016 - 2017: "Detection and characterisation of hibernating turbulence in boundary-layer flows," Royal Society, £14,946, Principal Investigator

2015 - 2016: "Exploiting microfluidics and printing technologies to rapidly detect MRSA in nasal swabs," I-Sense: EPSRC IRC in Early Warning Sensing Systems for Infectious Disease, £260,405, Co-Investigator    

Prizes, Awards & Fellowships

2016: Best paper award for Ni Y, Lynch MJ, Modic M, Whalley RD, Walsh J. "A solar powered handheld plasma source for microbial decontamination," Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2016, 49(35), 355203

2015: Best paper award for Whalley RD, Abed WM, Dennis DJC, Poole RJ. "Enhancing hear transfer at the micro-scale using elastic turbulence," Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters 2015, 5(3), 103-106

2011: EPSRC PhD Plus Fellowship

2009: American Institute of Physics Gallery of Fluid Motion Competition (video entry)

Employment Record

2015 - present: Lecturer in Fluid Dynamics in the School of Engineering, Newcastle University, UK

2013 - 2015: Postdoctoral Research Associate in the School of Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK

2012 - 2013: Postdoctoral Research Associate in the School of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK

2011 - 2012: EPSRC PhD Plus Research Fellow in the School of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK


My current areas of interest include:


  • Wall-bounded turbulent flows
  • Skin-friction drag reduction
  • Flow-separation control
  • Lab-on-a-chip devices
  • Medical diagnostics


Potential Ph.D. studentships can be found on our School's webpage: For Prospective Ph.D. Studentships



Current Teaching:

  • MEC2003: Applications of Thermofluid Dynamics  
  • MEC3014: Computational Modelling 
  • MEC8043: Software in the Professional Engineering Context
  • MEC3018: Design for Industry
  • MEC3098: Mechanical Engineering Project
  • MEC8095: MSc Project