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Professor Nick Wright

PVC, Innovation & Business



Prof. Wright is currently serving as the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Business. By background, Prof Wright is an electrical engineer who has a distinguished track record of research into the application of novel materials in electronics and related technolgies.


Professor Nick Wright joined University of Newcastle in 1994. He previously completed both his undergraduate and PhD qualifications at Edinburgh University where he worked on the characterisation of a wide range of semiconducting materials using x-ray techniques.

At Newcastle, Prof. Wright has worked on a number of projects in the area of semiconductor devices and technology. In recent years, Prof. Wright has concentrated on using novel electronic materials to develop technology for extreme environments in collaboration with leading industrial companies (e.g. Rolls Royce, BAE Systems and others). He is currently working primarily on aerospace and subsea technologies.

Roles and Responsibilities

Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Business


Nick is a member of the Emerging Technology and Materials Research group and his profile can be viewed on Google Scholar.

Research Interests

My main research interests lie in the application of novel materials to electronics with a particular interest in electronics for unusual and extreme environments. I have worked extensively on the use of emerging semiconductor materials, such as silicon carbide, as well as novel forms of packaging and circuit configuration. This has been primarily in collaboration with the aerospace industry but I am currently developing my activities in the marine/subsea sector. I am particularly interested in combining soft materials (such as advanced polymers) with embedded electronics for applications such as soft robotics, healthcare and consumer electronics.


Potential PhD Research Projects


  • Novel nanowire devices for gas sensors
  • Silicon carbide electronics
  • Subsea electronics
  • soft robotics

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