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Rachel Binks
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I graduated with a Master's degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Newcastle University in 2019, before joining the CDT.

Doing a PhD with the CDT appealed to me because of the emphasis on collaborative work as well as the links that the CDT hold with industry. I am looking forward to working with industry partners that will help me to gain skills that I wouldn't be able to develop whilst doing research alone.

In my free time, I enjoy getting involved with the Maths Society and going swimming.

PhD title

Determining the order of stationary vector autoregressions with application to spatio-temporal modelling of brain activity of patients with epilepsy

My PhD focuses on using a Bayesian approach to determine the order of stationary vector autoregressive time series. This will involve using two different model reparameterisations which were originally developed for the univariate case. The first reparameterises the model in terms of its partial autocorrelation function and the second in terms of the roots of its characteristic equation.

The aim is to generalise these methods for use in the case of vector autoregressions. The methods developed will then be applied to EEG data from epilepsy patients.


Darren Wilkinson, Sarah Heaps, Yujiang Wang