EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training Cloud Computing for Big Data


Richard Cloete

Education and industry experience

In 2012, I obtained my undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Westminster, London.

I worked in industry for 3 years developing applications for a variety of sectors including medicine, energy, academia and education before joining the CDT programme in 2015.

Research topic

Predictive interactive remote rendering

My PhD focuses on the challenges of remote rendering in the Cloud. Rendering and processing in the Cloud allows users to interact with data remotely using a thin client device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Unfortunately, network latencies are present in all network-connected applications and Cloud Rendering therefore it introduces a new problem: Interaction Latency.

I am interested in understanding how we can lower the interaction latency (the response time) of remote rendering applications hosted in the cloud. To do this, I am researching how prediction can be used to deliver responses to the user’s input before the corresponding actions have been performed, as well as how prediction effects the system as a whole.

Some example application domains for this research are: Cloud Visualisation, Remote Desktops and Cloud Gaming.

With its wealth of technical expertise, access to resources and world-leading teaching, the CDT provides the perfect environment for this research.


Nick Holliman