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Iain Dixon
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I received a Bachelors of Science and Engineering in Computer Science from North Carolina State University, USA. During my time there I discovered a passion for computational modelling which I applied to a variety of bioinformatics projects. Outside of Uni I enjoy playing instruments (piano, cello, guitar, bass), listening to audiobooks, and consuming vast quantities of visual media - whether it’s on the big screen or YouTube.  

I first gained interest in the CDT from friendly conversations with a few of the CDT professors and staff three years ago, and when I was applying for my postgraduate program, I couldn’t think of a better place to end up than here. I hope that over the course of my postgraduate degree I’ll be able to work on some tough but interesting problems, as well as bring my computing background as a springboard for my peers to bounce questions and ideas off.  

PhD Title

Autoscaling Controller with Bayesian Inference

With cloud computing technology becoming ubiquitous in enterprise services, improving the scaling of underlying containers is crucial for optimal throughput and resource utilisation. I propose autoscaling containers using a Bayesian update step to determine the ideal number of parallel operator instances.


Matt Forshaw, Joe Matthews