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Carlos Vladimiro González Zelaya

Bachelor and MSc in Mathematics from Mexico National Autonomous University. I worked as a lecturer at Panamerican University in Mexico, teaching undergraduate Mathematics courses. I also created a mobile indie game, called Baby-Bee for Android and iOS. I love playing and studying the game of go.

PhD title

Ensuring transparency of algorithmic predictions and Machine Learning: A data and metadata perspective

In this project we’ll try to improve our understanding on how ML algorithms make a decision. This will enable us to decide if an algorithm is working in a fair manner, and not discriminating against particular groups.

I think this project can have a big impact on society. ML algorithms are becoming common in decisions made in many different areas. For example in:

  • banking - is a loan given, and how big of a loan one gets
  • visa issuing
  • academic prowess comparisons

I believe the CDT program will help me a great deal. We have a great team of Academic supervisors and mentors. The CDT provides advanced level training in the relevant areas. We are able to interact and discuss our projects with our colleagues from all cohorts. This makes for a very fertile environment in which to work.


Paolo Missier


Towards Explaining the Effects of Data Preprocessing on Machine Learning - Gonzalez-Zelaya, C.V. - IEEE 35th International Conference on Data Engineering, Macao - April 2019