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Jonny Law

PhD title

Scalable Bayesian Analysis of Urban Observatory Data

Research area

The Urban Observatory is a sensor network in Newcastle upon Tyne. It records environmental data such as:

  • temperature
  • NO
  • CO
  • sound
  • humidity
  • traffic

The data can be difficult to use as:

  • the volume of data is very large
  • sensor data quality can vary
  • information is only available where sensors are deployed

My research focuses on statistical modelling of this sensor data to learn about the environment when:

  • sensors are not deployed
  • sensors have temporary outages due to network glitches

We aim to understand the true value of the process the sensor is measuring.


Darren Wilkinson


Composable models for online Bayesian analysis of streaming data - Law, J. Wilkinson,D.J. Prangle, D - Statistics and Computing - November 2018, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp 1119–1137