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Lucy McLaughlin
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I graduated from Newcastle University in 2016 with a BEng in chemical engineering, followed by an MSc in computer science in 2019. After this, I worked as a Research Software Engineer at Newcastle University on a data visualization project, and it's in this area that I'm now pursuing further study.

I joined the CDT for the opportunity to work alongside other students, so that we can learn from, motivate, and support each other. 

In my free time I enjoy playing roller derby, gardening and drinking copious amounts of tea.

Visualizing Uncertainty

My research will focus on uncertainty visualization - there is often uncertainty associated with data, but it is difficult for many people to understand, and it can be challenging to include it in data visualizations. I am interested in finding methods for visualizing uncertainty which improve people's ability to reason with it, especially in decision making applications.


Nick Holliman