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Jamie Mcquire
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I graduated from Durham University in 2019 after completing my MEng in General Engineering with a specialization in Electronic Engineering.

My final year research project was titled 'Detection of the Pilot Spoofing Attack in Massive MIMO using Machine Learning.' The project inspired me to research further into machine learning techniques and I found that I became incredibly interested in Data Science.

I was attracted to the CDT at Newcastle University because of the uniquely tailored training course at the start of the program that would allow for me to explore different research areas and familiarise myself with a variety of different technologies used in Data Science.

Outside of the CDT, I am a keen football fan and I enjoy going to music festivals.

PhD Title

Next Generation Sensors and Analytics

My research explores the design and implementation of next generation body-worn sensors for non-invasive real-time healthcare monitoring.I am investigating the application of federated learning, a relatively new machine learning paradigm, which allows for machine learning algorithms to be trained using decentralized data sources in a privacy-conscious way, complying with data regulations such as the EU's GDPR.

The work will focus on locating the computation at the network edge, utilising different embedded devices, such as microcontrollers and single-board computers; these devices have hardware specific challenges, e.g. communication efficiencies, computational capabilities, and energy constraints. Additionally, the project will explore the challenges associated with developing robust decentralized models from heterogenous data sources, with the intention of solving specific problems in the healthcare domain.


Paul Watson, Nick Wright, Hugo Hiden, Michael Catt