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Joe Smith
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I graduated from Newcastle University in 2021 with a first in Computer Science. My dissertation was on fine grained image classification and how siamese neural networks could be used in classification tasks where no images of a certain class were present at training.

I chose the CDT because a PhD can be very stressful and requires a lot of support from staff and fellow students. The cohort aspect of the CDT means that I am constantly surrounded by other students doing similar things to me and tackling similar challenges. I never have to look too far help and support. I hope to gain friendships through the cohort programme that last through my PhD and long after.

I am a big fan of the Boston Celtics basketball team and unfortunately Sunderland football club. In my spare time I like to play guitar, watch TV and go to gigs.

PhD Title

Image Formation and Digitization Bias in Fine-grained Classification Tasks

Using real data is very important in image classification as systems trained on perfect data struggle when used in the real world where images may be blurry or contain unexpected data. Although training a system on real data can lead to a more robust system, the system may struggle to achieve an acceptable accuracy. In my PhD, I intend on looking at how real data can be used to train more robust systems for the real world whilst also looking at how data can be preprocessed to achieve and acceptable accuracy whilst also keeping a low false negative rate.


Boguslaw Obara, Jon Stonehouse