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David Towers
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‌David Towers 

I graduated with a BSc with honours in Computer Science and have completed an MSc in Games Engineering both at Newcastle University before joining the CDT.  

The CDT appealed to me due to the cohort nature of the programme, having fellow students that are working alongside me, gives the opportunity for collaborative work, and the ability to help each other. I have interests in applying Big Data solutions in Security and Games, and hope to develop the necessary skills through the CDT to provide tools to further these areas.  

In my free time, I enjoy creative writing activities and both board and video games. 

PhD Title

Automating the development of efficient Deep Learning Architectures 

My research is in the domain of Neural Architecture Search. Designing a Neural Network is a tedious and time-consuming process that requires expert knowledge to get good results. 

Neural Architecture Search is a process of identifying good Neural Networks from a large pool of potential Networks that is too big to search through conventionally. 


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