Executive and Governance Office

Executive Board

Executive Board is a joint committee of Senate and Council. It reports to Senate and Council, as appropriate.

Executive Board comprises the senior management team of the University. It has central oversight of the day-to-day business of the University. It meets on a weekly basis.

Executive Board's remit is to exercise an integrated overview of the University's policies and resources through the implementation of the strategic plan and operating statement, ensure a prompt and strongly co-ordinated approach to the evaluation of academic and business opportunities, and appraise and prioritise proposals for major new initiatives. It makes recommendations to Council on the University's strategy. It monitors the University's key performance indicators and financial performance against its strategic objectives. It has ownership of and management responsibility for key risks. With regard to budgetary responsibility, it reviews the use of resources and financial performance of all budgetary units, approves the annual financial allocations to all units, recommends the framework, timetable and format for the annual planning and budgetary exercise to Senate and Council and reviews the mechanisms for the internal allocation of resources for report to Council.

Please direct any enquiries regarding Executive Board to Simon Meacher, Head of Executive and Governance Office and Secretary to Executive Board, ext 86071 or Barbara Wilson, Executive Assistant, ext 86063.