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Convocation: Your global alumni community

Shaping the future of your University and alumni community

Our alumni have a unique opportunity to shape the future of Newcastle University through Convocation, an annual meeting of our alumni community.

What is Convocation?

Convocation is the formal name for our 250,000-strong alumni network. The meeting of Convocation occurs once a year, usually in October, and gives you an opportunity to join discussions with our Vice-Chancellor and President and other members of our leadership team about the latest developments at the University and future plans.

Here, you can share your unique perspective as a graduate with the University, influencing key decisions in our policy and future direction.

Click the following link to to view the Convocation Minutes 26 November 2022

Want to get involved?

As a member of our alumni community, there’s nothing extra you need to do to formally join Convocation. You just need to sign up to attend our annual meeting to make your voice heard!

Every three years, we elect a new Chair of Convocation. As the name suggests, this person chairs the annual meeting and leads our global alumni community in offering guidance and ideas to the University.

Anyone can nominate themselves as Chair of Convocation, and everyone in our alumni community will have the opportunity to vote in the elections online. If you’d like to find out more about what it takes to be our Chair, visit here.

Convocation Election 2022

The results of the election for a new Chair and Deputy Chair of Convocation are available here.

The Chair of Convocation is Nick Richardson (BSc Zoology, 1977), and the Deputy Chair of Convocation is Clare Talbot-Jones (BA (Hons) Modern Languages, 2004).