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Convocation is a statutory body of the University. Every graduate of the University is, by right, a member of Convocation and entitled to attend the annual meeting, normally held during our annual alumni 'Convocation Weekend'. In the annual meeting of Convocation, members receive a report from the Vice-Chancellor on current issues and future challenges facing the University and alumni are invited to put questions to the Vice-Chancellor.

Convocation also provides an opportunity to discuss any proposed changes to University Statutes. Members attending are also able to raise matters of concern to them and if they gain the support of those attending, have those views raised with Senate, Council or Court, as appropriate.

Convocation, therefore, provides the mechanism through which every graduate is able to hear at first-hand about the challenges being faced by the University; about the ways in which they are being tackled, and to have a voice in the way in which the policies of the University are formulated.

The formal powers of Convocation are limited to the appointment of the Chancellor of the University on the nomination of Court and Senate sitting in joint session but under the Statutes it may discuss, and, if it thinks fit, make representations on any matter whatsoever relating to the University.

The Chair of Convocation, Ms Sophie McDermott (BA Politics and History, 2018), is also a member of Court.

Minutes from previous meetings of Convocation are available upon request.

The next meeting of Convocation will be held on Saturday 9 October 2021 at 12:30pm.  The agenda and draft minutes from the previous meeting are available now.  To register your attendance please visit the Alumni Day of Action page.